I had the privilege of joining Chief Ed Hudak for a ride-along with the Coral Gables Police Department, and the experience was nothing short of enlightening. Spending the day alongside Chief Hudak and witnessing the dedication and professionalism of our local officers provided me with a deep appreciation for their work.

Highlights of the Experience:

Dedication: Seeing firsthand the commitment of the officers in keeping our community safe was inspiring.

Professionalism: The level of professionalism displayed by the team was remarkable.

Community Engagement: The importance of community policing and the positive impact of open communication between law enforcement and residents.

Chief Hudak took the time to answer all my questions and share invaluable insights into the daily challenges and responsibilities faced by law enforcement. This experience has given me a greater understanding and respect for the complexities of their role.

A heartfelt thank you to Chief Hudak and the entire Coral Gables Police Department for their hospitality and for providing such a meaningful experience. Also, thank you for the delightful lunch at Hillstones!

How can we, as community members, better support our local police departments to foster a safer and more connected community?

Let’s continue to appreciate and support the hard work of our local law enforcement officers! 

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