Sara Suarez, Raymond James, Private Wealth Management of Coral Gables

Sara Suarez

Executive Assistant,
Director of Client Experience


Sara Suarez joined Raymond James in October 2023, bringing with her rich tapestry of experience that spans across entrepreneurship, customer service excellence, and innovative product development in the beauty industry. Before stepping into her current role as the Executive Assistant to Al Maulini, Sara was a distinguished entrepreneur, owning and operating five hair salons & spas across South Florida. Her journey began with Samy Hair Design in Coral Gables, FL, in 1979, evolving through several successful ventures until 2021 with Samy Beauty Lounge & Spa.

Sara’s administrative prowess was not just confined to managing salons; she was instrumental in pioneering the Hair Care category on the Home Shopping Network, alongside her brother Samy. With a keen eye for product development backed by her background in chemistry, Sara developed hundreds of hair care products, leading to the creation of six different Hair Care brands under the Samy Salon Systems. Her leadership saw the brand’s expansion into international markets, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, and Korea, marking significant milestones in her career.

Following the acquisition of Samy Salon Systems by Hoyu, a Japanese company, in 2008, Sara continued to lead as the Director of Product Development & Testing, Customer Service, and Events until 2013. Her transition into the role of Manager at Well Groomed Gentleman Salon & Spa in Coral Gables, where she met Al Maulini, showcases her adaptability and commitment to excellence in every endeavor.

Sara’s role at Raymond James encompasses managing Mr. Maulini’s complex schedule, coordinating firm events, handling client relations, and ensuring the office operates smoothly, reflecting her dedication to providing the highest level of service. What sets Sara apart is not just her extensive experience but her commitment to going the extra mile for clients, earning their trust through genuine care and dedication.

Outside of work, Sara enjoys traveling, shopping with friends, and spending quality time with her family and grandson. Born in Cuba and raised in Chicago amidst the challenges of starting anew, Sara’s life story is a testament to the power of resilience, unity, and hard work. Now a proud resident of Miami, FL, since 1974, Sara remains deeply rooted in the values and work ethics learned from her family, passing these on to her son and grandson, ensuring a legacy of ambition and integrity.